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Book Check Out


Students visit the Media Center for a 1 hour lesson on Media and Technology Skills.
During this time, they will be checking books out.
Open Check-Out is also available 5 days a week!

zebra pride

Showing Zebra Pride with Library Books  

  • Your child may keep library books for two weeks. However, we encourage younger students and/or students who check out shorter books to return library books each week. This helps prevent books from getting lost.
  • Encourage your child to keep their library book(s) in the same safe place, whenever the books are not being read. This will help your child remember the location of their book.
  • Remind your child to have clean hands when reading their book(s).
  • Remind your child to use a bookmark.
  • If a library book gets damaged, have your child tell the library staff right away. Many times we can fix a book so it looks as good as new.
  •  If we can not fix a book or your child loses a library book, we may ask you to pay for the book so we can replace it.

If you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.          

Talley Blazevic

(763) 241-3475 ext.5811